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Best Commercial threat detection devices in 2019?

Best Commercial threat detection devices in 2019?

Threat detection is the process of proactively seeking anomalies with a commercial’s devices or networks and discovering if they represent the trails left by some stealthy attackers. This is normally dined by having a group of hackers, the cybersecurity experts that excel in sports such as pattern recognition, malware analysis, data analytics, and data forensics.
While there’s no doubt that the hunter is the vital factor in finding threats, it’s vital to know that the amount of data that has to collect and analyzed makes it not possible to have an efficient procedure without the help of technology.

Threat detection is done in a regular loop, where the attacker formulates a hypothesis and tries to provide it by finding behavior anomalies on the network or existing devices. Threat detection devices have advanced to the point where it’s possible to combine machine learning methods and threat intelligence to automatic a considerable part of the procedure, allowing professionals to maximize their potential, assuring no threat remains undetected.
But which is the best threat detection device for commercial purposes in 2019? Here are the well-known threat detection devices that’ll help you get most out of your cyberthreat analysts.


The motto of Mantix4 is turning the hunted into the hunter. This was done by utilizing the cyber threat detection device to accelerate the procedure and actively defend against threats, ad for threat hunting, this device has 2 main components; sensors deployed as required at vital points via the network, and the analytic server, which is hosted in fully secure data center run by the Mantix4. The Mantix4 provides an interactive visual interface that’s both simple to utilize and gives meaningful info for hunters. For example, with a right-click on any part, it is possible to start filtering for suspicious network activity.


One of the most mature threat detection systems, this combines methods such as link analysis, entity and user behavior, rick scoring and device learning, developing an interactive graphical chart that allows analysts to explore entities and their connection. This makes it a very simple yet powerful device for hunters.


This device is mostly known for user behavior analytics solution, a tool that relies on device learning to correlate events and identify the users that current risky behavior. EXABEAM thread detection complements this feature by allowing analysts to query similar data to match into a specific bundle of criterion. In other words, it’s possible for an analyst to drill down into a specific consumer session and confirm if it’s an unusual, but fully valid, situation or a threat that bypassed conventional detection solutions.

Bottom line

For the last few years, threat detection devices sold by King Safe and Lock has been gaining momentum. And as more and more companies realize the practical value of improving their security devices, capability to rapidly uncover and handle advanced threats, finding the best device and tools to get the most out of hunting becomes a vital job. So always choose the right device, tools or platform for the right job according to your basic requirements.

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