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Best locks for Garage doors

Best locks for Garage doors

The importance of the safety of the garage is as important as the safety of your cars and the whole house itself. Choosing the right lock is very important and it is not something one should joke about or play with.

Here are some of the best locks for your garage.

Kwikset 912 SmartCode Electronic Garage Door Lock

This is actually one of the most modernized garage door locks you will find. It is very secure and keeps your garage safe but that aside it has many other fascinating abilities and this includes the ability to rekey your lock in just a couple of seconds. As a matter of fact, this process occurs in 3 simple steps. This technology is called smart rekey technology. From the outside it can be opened with a key and from the inside, it features a code that opens the lock, as an electronic keypad. It features an adjustable latch which helps it fits perfectly to standard door preparations. One downside is that the batteries it requires are not included in the packaging of the lock.

PJB Garage Defender Master With Lock PJB Garage

This is quite a solid product as it features hardened steel. It can be described as a lock having a bar unit that steadily locks itself into a very solid steel base. It provides great security for the garage and it is one lock you can trust. It features simple Ground fitting right in front of the door of the garage and possessing expandable security raw bolts. These raw bolts are included in the packaging. It also features what can be described as a hard-wearing powered coated finish. The installation of this lock, in particular, can occur in the space of one hour and you are ready to go. This padlock cannot be cut and sawed so you don’t have to worry about someone breaking into your garage with this one.

Houston Garage Door L-Handle Lock with Inside Slide Lock Latch Mechanism Set with Hardware Bag

This is also another good garage key lock to consider in your search for security of your garage. It features key access from the outside. If your garage does not have alternate access you might consider using this lock. It also features electronic access. This gives two means of the usage of these locks. It features a key cylinder and this key cylinder is being attached to a Manual disconnect to the opener. You need to just turn the key, pull out the cylinder and then pull the disconnect.

Sohomill electronic keyless door lock

This was designed for heavy-duty. It is made of hardened stainless steel which is able to keep your garage safe from theft. It features only a code or pins for opening and it makes use of a battery. It has the shape of a doorknob thus will fit almost all kinds of doorknob holes. Installation is quite easy and it is done using just a screwdriver. It features a master code and it can store as much as 8 user codes which of course will all be controlled by a master code.

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